Community efforts honoured with awards

Team work . . . Receiving a com› munity service award for their charitable fundraising and other efforts during a recent ceremony in Balclutha are Simon Cleverley (left) and Francis Parker. PHOTO: SUPPLIED

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Two of Clutha’s good sorts have been recently acknowledged with special awards, although both are quick to deflect praise on to the wider community’s contributions.

At a ceremony in Balclutha, Simon Cleverley and Francis Parker each received an award in the Clutha District Council’s Community Service Awards for their community efforts.

The two have liaised with each other on many fundraising events, including for sick children around the district and sporting endeavours throughout both the local community and the entire district.

Mr Cleverley and Mr Parker couldn’t stress enough their appreciation for the community.

‘‘Within this community, everyone is to thank. Not just us,’’ Mr Cleverley said.

‘‘I remember fundraising for the Palmer family and having this dream of giving $5000 cash in hand to them. I thought of how incredible it would be, but when we managed to raise $35,000 instead? It was a great feeling,’’ he said.

‘‘Our community and the people that help us out with these things are the real heroes, not us.’’

Mr Cleverley was acknowledged at the awards for his efforts on behalf of local families with sick children, and overall services to the community.

Mr Parker was acknowledged for his exceptional fundraising efforts to support families with sick children, and long›standing service to South Otago rugby and cricket with his weekly updates in the Clutha Leader, the Southern Region Rugby Facebook yarns and other contributions to community sport.

The two men remembered when it was just five locals who teamed together to make a difference, then spiralled into multiple ‘‘incredible’’ community events.

‘‘It went absolutely nuts,’’ Mr Cleverley said.

Mr Parker was also adamant in pointing out the community was what drove him, and their efforts were well recognised.

‘‘I was really humbled and quite embarrassed to be accepting the award, especially in front of so many deserving other people who were also acknowledged. It shouldn’t be me getting praised for the entire community’s efforts, that’s for sure,’’ Mr Parker said.

‘‘It’s always about the community and the people that come together to support our locals, especially those in need.’’

› Within this community, everyone is to thank. Not just us. ›