A local church is looking to help those in need in the Clutha district.

Balclutha-based St Mark’s Church will be serving free hot meals every Monday this month — with a possibility of more if required.

The meals will be held at 6pm at the church.

Church vicar Brett Roberts said there were ‘‘no strings attached’’ when it came to providing the meals.

‘‘It was an idea born from the cold weather and whispers of people needing some help.

‘‘We’re more than happy to give a hand to those in need,’’ he said.

The church aimed to provide simple yet nutritious meals free of charge to people who might be struggling in time of the cost-of-living crisis.

‘‘We have a proverb we live by, meaning ‘those who have, help those who don’t have’.

‘‘So it would be helpful but not essential to know numbers of people who may be in need of a nice hot meal for their Monday.’’

Organising member Jennie Wedge said the church knew they could help — so they started with meals.

‘‘It’s very clear at the moment you don’t have to be on a benefit to be struggling.

‘‘Many people are feeling the effects of the current cost of living, so we just want to be able to help in any way we can.

‘‘Our church faith is to serve our community.

‘‘No preaching, no cost, no catch.

‘‘We’re just looking to help,’’ she said.

St Mark’s Church would benefit from knowing numbers attending the hot meals but numbers were not necessary.