Inspiration for job hunters and career-seekers can now be found online at Milton Public Library.

Milton’s state-of-the-art careers kiosk, which was originally intended for school leavers undecided on their next step, is now fully available to the public following successes at five district schools.

‘‘The careers kiosk provides insight into a huge range of industries and opportunities for anyone thinking about their professional future,’’ Milton Public Library senior customer experience officer Jill McIntosh said. Intuitive, easy and free-to-use touch-screen technology allows users to investigate more than 150 vocational pathways such as animation, forestry, communications, farming and public service careers.

Selecting the windows leads to videos of industry insiders explaining their journeys and work lifestyles, and if the user indicates interest, further information is sent directly to their own device, including links to qualification training providers and employers.

Content is remotely updated and options exist for local employers to supply their own recruitment material. The careers kiosk is being hired for one year from Inzone Careers Coach at a cost of $5000, split by Milton’s Project Bruce and Jobbortunities organisations, and engagement will be monitored with a view to installing others in more of the district’s libraries.

‘‘It provides inspiration and motivation. And from there the library’s personal computers are fully equipped and already popular for job-hunting and creating CVs,’’ Mrs McIntosh said.