Balclutha’s new ‘‘destination’’ toilets were officially opened at a ribbon-cutting ceremony last Friday.

The toilet facilities have been in the pipeline for more than two years since the temporary toilets were installed in the main street of the town.

The Clutha District Council had originally considered Elizabeth Plaza for the destination toilets but after taking a walk around the area opted to buy land at 58 Clyde St which addressed additional car parking requirements and opened the flow between Clyde St and the Warehouse.

Clutha Mayor Bryan Cadogan said with Milton’s new public toilets recently opened and now the facility in Balclutha, they ‘‘promised’’ to bring benefits to both towns.

They would provide ‘‘a modern and appealing amenity for the public, not only for our residents but visitors to the area, who we hope will stay a while, visit our retailers and spend their money in our district’’, he said.

‘‘It’s such a tonic to see both these projects come to fruition as they are great examples or the positive things that have come through the community planning work we as a council have been doing, and what can be achieved for our other townships in the district.’’

The Milton toilets cost about $660,000 and the Balclutha toilets were about $683,000.

Mr Cadogan acknowledged central government’s funding support towards the Balclutha and Milton toilets via the $420,000 contribution from the Tourism Infrastructure Fund as ‘‘crucial’’ to begin their construction.

‘‘Roxburgh’s toilet facilities were the original idea for these toilets. They have been a proven tactic to have high-quality toilet facilities near to retail which attracts locals to spend more time in the town,’’ he said.

Further landscaping is planned and Balclutha’s temporary toilets are to be relocated to an area yet to be confirmed.