‘Back to basics’ brings success for dancing mum

Skills of a dancer . . . Balclutha local Marsha Anderson prepares for an exciting show at the Southern Dance Academy showcase in November last year. PHOTO: SUPPLIED


A South Otago woman has gone ‘‘back to basics’’ to pass her first ever dance exam.

Balclutha woman 42-year-old Marsha Anderson went through her life loving the idea of dance.

She marched between the ages of 8 and 16 and ‘‘enjoyed it a lot’’, but never took further steps to get into dancing.

She signed up to women’s dance groups through Southern Dance Academy in Balclutha for a way to exercise.

‘‘I was really hoping to find a good ratio between being a mother, working in home-based care and [doing] some exercise through dance.

‘‘I never thought I would be where I am today with dance. It’s great.’’

She has been dancing with Southern Dance Academy for three years and has been introduced to dancing styles including ballet and contemporary.

She felt as if she had to think about dance by going ‘‘back to basics’’.

Between her already busy life with children and work, it was a way to slow down and really get involved in something she had always enjoyed.

Dancers in the academy have the option to pass exams through a curriculum, where they would then be examined by professionals through the company Living Dance International (LDI).

‘‘The LDI curriculum focuses on honouring the work and progress students have made throughout the year,’’ Southern Dance Academy owner and teacher Nicola Simpson said.

‘‘I’m very proud of Marsha’s efforts of getting to where she is today and I hope she continues.’’

Mrs Anderson said the teaching was a big part in her success.

‘‘Miss Nicola’s way of teaching explains the theory behind every step and movement very well, from turning your feet to using your leg muscles, and to making sure your hips are turned perfectly.

‘‘It’s a big thing to learn something right from the basics at my age.

‘‘This is a big milestone for me to have passed this exam, and I’m going to learn and improve for the years to come.’’

‘I never thought I would be where I am today with dance.