Anzac items on display

Dr Roz McKechnie arranges this year’s Anzac display inside a freshly-painted South Otago Museum free of its problematic old veranda. ‘‘Last year we established a permanent exhibition of Anzac items as a feature for visitors coming to South Otago Museum,’’ Dr McKechnie said.

‘‘This year we used banners from the 2015 exhibition commemorating World War 1 in conjunction with New Caledonia for display in the foyer and in the main window along with a model of the Balclutha Cenotaph. We have poppies available for people to write their family members’ names on and place on our Cenotaph.’’ The former Ford Motors garage in Renfrew St suffers from a range of structural issues including wet rot, borer, rusted framing and sub-code wiring and toilets, but plans are afoot for new facilities to house the Museum’s collection.