Anglers receive lifetime membership

Teach a man to fish . . . Lifetime Clinton Anglers Club members Neville Crawford (left) and Trevor Barnett have landed well over a tonne of freshwater fish in 57 years. PHOTO: NICK BROOK

Two Clinton fishermen received lifetime membership awards from Clinton Angler’s Club last month.

Retired career meatworkers Neville Crawford and Trevor Barnett began with the club’s children’s competitions in the mid-1960s and grew up to fulfil numerous roles in its organisation, in addition to competing in and winning many regional freshwater fishing competitions.

‘‘My father was a keen fly fisher and taught me how to fish, and I went out with my son and then grandson just about every weekend for years,’’ Mr Crawford said.

He always took home and shared his trout and the occasional salmon, and the two men’s catch for the club during competitions led to multiple awards and handicaps — where a skilled fisherman’s bag has a third of its mass deducted at the weigh-ins.

‘‘It’s the peace and quiet outdoors in nature that attracts you,’’ Mr Barnett said.

‘‘And of course the awareness there are fish about, and if you do just the right thing you get the excitement of bringing one in for the table.’’

Clinton Anglers Club was founded in the 1920s and has about 20 members.

At a club weigh-in, prizegiving and barbecue last month, the men were treated to an acknowledgement ceremony, receiving certificates and medals for their 57 years’ membership.

The club’s records showed Mr Crawford had recorded 46 trophy wins from 535 fish, and 18 years as club treasurer, while Mr Barnett landed 604 fish, 49 first trophies and 14 years as president.

Looking back, Mr Crawford and Mr Barnett said they were grateful for all the years doing what they loved with the Clinton Anglers Club, and thanked club president Jock Dodds, secretary-treasurer Morgan Culbertson and their families for joining them for so many years at their favourite spots — or just leaving them to it.

The freshwater fishing season started on October 1, and season licences are available from Fish & Game New Zealand.