Trophies mark contributions of stalwart drivers

Paying tribute . . . The Michael McDonald Memorial Trophy will be awarded to a deserving recipient at the Kaitangata Car Show, in memory of local great Michael McDonald. PHOTOS: SUPPLIED
One of a kind . . . The car of the late Joseph (Moss) Cross will be showing at the Kaitangata Car Show in November.

The Kaitangata Car Show is returning on November 5 after a year off due to Covid-19.

It’s also a day to remember those who can’t be there to celebrate with the rest of us.

The car show has memorial trophies for the event — a way to remember the ones who are gone who loved the car show as much as their community loved them.

One new trophy will be recognised as the Moss Cross Memorial Trophy for Joseph Cross, also known as Moss, who died recently from cancer.

The other trophy is established as the Michael McDonald Memorial Trophy for Michael McDonald, who died from a work accident in 2015.

Organiser Louise McLaren-Hosking said the categories for the trophies and recipients would be based on what the families of their deceased loved one think they would have chosen as their favourite on the day.

‘‘It’s a very special way to honour those who aren’t with us any more and we appreciate giving these awards out.

‘‘These awards are great because the recipients will get their name engraved on the trophy and return it the next year so the next recipient will get the same as a way to honour every recipient,’’ Mrs McLaren-Hosking said.

Georgia Redshaw, partner of Mr Cross, said a big thanks to everyone on behalf of herself and daughter Breeana.

‘‘Moss was a big valiant enthusiast and has sponsored the car show for many years.

‘‘He always loved coming to the show, so we look forward to coming this year on his behalf and continuing his legacy,’’ she said.

Kirsty Stanley, partner of Mr McDonald, said she was excited to help judge once again who would win the memorial trophy.

‘‘It’s pretty great to have something so special to remember Michael by, especially all these years later,’’ she said.

She said their two sons, Kori McDonald (18) and Reid McDonald (11) were given Michael’s two cars.

Kori owns Michael’s Ford Fairmont XD and will be taking it to this year’s show, and Reid owns Michael’s Ford Falcon XR.

The trophies are a special part of the families and the community and are a way to shine a strong remembrance over some of the local legends who are no longer around, but have made a positive impact on so many lives.