Team falling into place but eager to rise

Practise makes perfect . . . Lawrence junior rugby players learn the best tips and tricks at a practice with Otago Spirit players last year. PHOTO: SUPPLIED
Going for it . . . Lawrence junior rugby players go head to head for the ball against Clutha junior
rugby players in a previous season’s match. PHOTO: SUPPLIED

Lawrence Rugby Club is a community-based club.

From practices to games to fundraisers, it isn’t just the players getting together, it’s the entire community.

Lawrence Rugby Club player and president Sean Roughan gives a rundown on every aspect of what is to come this season.

‘‘The club is bloody excited for this season of rugby, from the premiers to the juniors,’’ Roughan said.

‘‘From the games to the extras, we’ve got a pretty cool wee community that rallies behind us with everything rugby orientated.’’

‘‘Rugby is a massive part of Lawrence, and with our premier side returning for its second year back, we’ve knocked off our training wheels from last season and we’re gearing up to put some more wins on the board this year.’’

The premiers are in their preseason training which they have been going hard at for a while now, and the goal is to bring out our competitive side and get further up the scoreboard.

‘‘With the freshness of our first season back as a premier side last year settling down, we’re falling into place as a team and we’re ready to get cracking,’’ Roughan said.

The premier side has some fierce players — ones to watch include Ben Martin, Liam Homer, Logan Bain, Bailey Kenny and Regan Potter, but all of their players will be raring to go and will be an entire team to keep your eye out for when it comes to the new season.

Their competitive side comes out when playing for the West Otago Shield against Heriot — their biggest and most anticipated trophy match.

Their sideline supporters have been their rock when it comes to games.

‘‘Time after time the ones on our sidelines are ones who show up every week, and we absolutely appreciate that as a team and a club,’’ Roughan said.

Last year club trophies were won and the first life memberships in over 10 years were handed out at their annual prizegiving, which the club deems as a popular end to their seasons where partners and families come along to celebrate club players.

The club has upcoming fundraisers and ideas in the works for the season ahead, and to inquire about the club people can contact Sean Roughan on 0273056367.