Young charges . . . Toko junior players dodge their Lawrence opposition during a match in a previous season. PHOTO: EMMA LISTER

Tokomairiro Junior Rugby is getting ready for its season, which begins April 22, and is excited to get things under way.

The juniors are an important part of the Toko tradition and they are dedicated to becoming future rugby stars.

The players have been catching up over the past few weeks and having get-togethers to figure out teams.

Junior president Simon Scott said the numbers were about the same as last year and the teams were keen to get into gear, but the club was looking for coaches for their young superstars.

‘‘We’re pretty keen to get running around on the field, but our younger under-9 teams at the moment don’t have coaches, so if anyone is looking for a coaching opportunity or would like to take on a team it would be great, and they can contact me about it.’’

The children always enjoy their Saturday morning games, when it comes to halftime oranges or watching the senior players and looking to them as inspiration.

The junior rugby members are vital to the future of Toko and all premiers, seniors and junior players are proudly representative of the club on and off the field.

The Toko juniors have been getting involved with the older players, and the older teams give the children the opportunity to work with them in games. The junior players often help to bring a ball to the older players during their games, or are water boys to bring a sense of connection between all players within the club.

‘‘We’re always looking for anyone interested in playing inour teams for our club. We always have our doors open for kids to join our club, play some rugby and make new friends in the process,’’ he said.

The junior club are excited to attract the support to create an awesome atmosphere for their upcoming seasons. Go cheer on the young superstars of Toko!

For any inquiries, contact Simon Scott on 027 319-1691, or check out the Toko Junior Rugby Club Facebook page.

Racing around . . . Tokomairiro junior rippa rugby players escape a rip from their opponent Crescent during a previous game.