Sponsors rev up show support

Business vehicle . .. A Holden ute arrives at the ninth annual Kaitangata Car Show in 2020. PHOTO: ALLIED PRESS FILES
‘Vette-eran sponsor . .. Standing by his 1985 Corvette, Nyall Brookland of Kolor Ka Painters
is totally in touch with the spirit of the Kai Car Show. PHOTO: NICK BROOK

No less than 66 businesses, organisations and individuals were keen to be sponsors and supporters of the 10th annual Kaitangata Car Show and Run.

‘‘Being an automotive specialist, the event obviously suits us,’’ one sponsor who preferred to keep on the ‘‘down-low’’ said,

‘‘But more than that, I get to see some of the project cars people have tucked away around the district and there’s some amazing stuff out there, so events like the Kai Car Show are the opportunity for those craftsmen to show off their hard work and creativity.’’

Car show organiser Louise Mclaren said many of the sponsors had been backing the event from the very beginning.

‘‘They contribute by way of donations which includes money, services and products. Everything goes back into the show via prizes, paying for the organisation and administration and helping with set up and services for on the day.

‘‘The Kai Car Show is well loved and a growing event and we would not be able to make it happen without our amazing sponsors, it’s that simple,’’ Louise said.

One reliable sponsor of the show, shine and run is Nyall ‘‘The Joker’’ Brookland of Kolor Ka Painters in Balclutha.

‘‘It’s a good feeling to have a special car in the shed but it’s about getting out and enjoying it,’’ Nyall said.

‘‘You use it to heading to the beach for a picnic, taking people to the speedway, and car-shows like Kai’s.

‘‘The friendliness is something else, you’ve always got interested people coming up asking questions and starting conversations — and you know we love talking about our cars!’’

‘‘It can take someone working on his own a couple of months to arrive at the ideal finish for a collectable car, and that’s in addition to the painstaking mechanical restoration involved,’’ he said.

‘‘For me it’s gone kind of full-circle — the cars that were coming out new when I first got started [in the business] are showing up again as people’s pride and joy.

‘‘That’s the spirit the Kai Car Show is about, plus the funds go to great causes like the Kaitangata swimming pool, which I know my grandkids get a lot of use out of.’’