The Crescent Senior B team is back for another season!

The seniors are playing once again in the Senior Metropolitan competition, with 14 teams in the grade. The season begins on April 1, and the boys are excited to get back in action and rally some supporters on the sideline.

Senior B coach Rodger Owen is pumped for the season.

‘‘This year, we’ve got a really young side with an average of 20-21 year olds, which is exciting,’’ he said.

‘‘Last year we came eighth out of 13 teams, and we’re hoping to slowly work our way up the grade and climb the ranks.’’

The Metro competition splits the top six and bottom seven, and Owen hopes to improve on last year’s efforts.

Owen’s long-term goal with the team is to win the overall competition when the club’s centennial rolls around in 2027.

Crescent has five teams in total, the premiers, seniors and three junior teams, and Owen says the club camaraderie is ‘‘amazing’’.

‘‘We’re very lucky to have five teams in our club. Crescent has great community support and an incredible bond, and we always do our best on and off the field.’’

This year the Crescent seniors are looking forward to playing against all of their competition, especially the Toko seniors.

‘‘We love our games versus Toko. We’ve got a good history and rapport with the team, so we always look forward to when we get to go up against them on the field.’’

The seniors have a game against Toko at Toko’s home turf this coming Saturday at 2:45pm and are looking forward to seeing some sideline supporters.

‘‘The potential in our senior side is awesome and we’ve got plenty of boys that have had the opportunity to use the seniors as a stepping stone for the premiers,’’ Owen said.

‘‘We work closely with the premiers so everyone is having some game time. We want everyone to be getting some field action as everyone deserves to play some rugby each weekend.

‘‘I’m extremely grateful to be part of such an amazing club here in Crescent. We’ve got great support, an awesome and dedicated committee and our players are thankful for that.’’

Owen said if players were interested in joining Crescent or playing some rugby they were more than welcome.

For more information on the Senior B team contact Rodger Owen on 0274 584-985 or visit the Crescent Rugby Football Club Facebook page.

On defence . . . Crescent players during a match against Lawrence in a previous season. PHOTO: SUPPLIED