RDP fuel delivery the final touch

Familiar sight . . . RD Petroleum has been delivering to local homes for several years. PHOTO: SUPPLIED

As the south winds blow and southern Kiwi families prepare for the season of chill, diesel-powered home heating remains one of the most reliable and user-friendly home-heating systems.

The final touch to diesel home heating is equally reliable fuel delivery, convenient and hassle-free with the fuel delivery service depended on by the agricultural professionals who continue to underpin the Kiwi economy.

RD Petroleum (RDP) has long been a familiar sight for farm and rural residents around the Otago-Southland region and nowadays urban residents also enjoy the same excellent customer service for which RDP is known for in country communities — through their home-heating diesel.

There are a few reasons the RD Petroleum home-heating diesel delivery service is in high demand.

RD Petroleum offers competitive pricing and its delivery service is a little different.

RDP began its home heating diesel delivery service to the lower South Island’s main urban centres of Christchurch, Timaru, Dunedin and Invercargill a number of years ago.

Customer demand has continued to increase year upon year, and RDP has responded with specialised improvements to its delivery equipment.

The trucks that deliver RDP’s home-heating diesel in every urban centre are drawn from the company’s extensive vehicle fleet.

This means they have the latest communication and GPS tracking technology on board, so the operations team always knows where they are and how far away they are from their next delivery stop.

RDP’s home-heating diesel trucks come equipped with a specially designed hose, through which the diesel is pumped from the truck into house tanks.

The length of the hose allows the trucks to access privately owned tanks without having to enter the property, avoiding damaging to driveways.

RDP is the place to go when you require diesel delivered conveniently to your home, and as a loyal RDP customer you’re offered preferential, discounted pricing and can become eligible for value-added benefits.

And while all these features add up to greater savings on your home heating costs, RDP has made ordering home-heating diesel even easier.

You can order bulk fuel or home-heating diesel via the RD Petroleum app.

It’s available on iPhone and Android. Download it on the Apple Store and Google Play Store.

For all inquiries and to get started on keeping your home toasty and warm this winter with RD Petroleum, contact RDP on 0800 44-00-14, visit the RDP website at https://www.rdp.co.nz/ home-heating or sign up at apply.rdp.co.nz/home-heating.