Winter is closing in, so now is a good time to replace tired-looking curtains and carpets in your home.

Perhaps you’re planning a complete redo indoors to brighten things up when it’s gloomy outside.

Kitch and the staff at Guthrie Bowron-Flooring Xtra Balclutha are the go-to consultants for all your interior decoration needs and co-owner Paula Kitchingman says homeowners should be looking at the condition of their floor coverings and drapes at this time of year.

‘‘Heating, insulation and your soft furnishings all work together and at Guthries Flooring Xtra Balclutha we have wonderful staff, fully trained and with lots of experience who are very good at helping customers make the best choices for maximising winter warmth,’’ she said.

Returning home at the end of a long day is our cue to relax and take care of ourselves and our families, and colour coordination through curtains to carpet can be as important a consideration as the thermal and insulating properties of the wide range of fabrics and carpet on offer.

‘‘Whatever decision you arrive at, we can cover it,’’ Kitch Kitchingman said. ‘‘But we are seeing a resurgence in wool carpet, which is great for our rural economy and also for customers. Given the opportunity to lie down on the floor in front of a roaring winter fire, you will notice the difference in comfort and quality if you happen to be on pure wool.’’

Before making your move, consult with your friendly local experts to arrive at the best combination of style and cosiness this Autumn.

The sheer number of choices and options can make home improvement challenging in this day and age.

Trends in technology arrive so fast, and it’s hard to know where to go and what to choose.

Johnstone Electrical owner Mary Johnstone said there was a common heating systems trend to prepare for winter.

‘‘We’ve found that there is a trend toward central heating using heat pump systems as opposed to single heating systems. This is because people are looking to distribute heating evenly throughout their homes to get their houses drier and warmer. We’ve also found ventilation and fresh air systems are most desired by our clients.’’

Mrs Johnson said it was amazing how quickly cutting edge technology was ‘‘coming and going’’.

Pump up the heat . .. For electrician Esther Johnstone, handling heat-pumps is just one part of a skillset bringing winter warmth to South Otago. PHOTO: EVELYN THORN.

‘‘The future looks like ‘Smart Homes’, which can do a whole lot of things through wi-fi and internet, but we’ve seen understandable hesitation about getting on board with revolutionary products.

The combination of technology, luxurious interior furnishings and trade expertise means proud South Otago homeowners have the best help on hand for warm, healthy homes this winter.