This year, it’s going to be Crescent all the way.

Established in 1877, Crescent is known for building up amazing players and being enthusiastic and motivated both on and off the field.

From the players, to the coaches, to the sideline supporters, Crescent has an incredible camaraderie and community.

Crescent is proud and privileged to have seen several legends tread its field, including top players like Tony Brown and Laurie Haig, and also Regan Finch, a player who was in the New Zealand Under 19s and played in the World Cup hosted in Wales in 1999.

The club honours players who reach 100 games played with Crescent with customised blazers, as a symbol of loyalty and achievement within the Crescent community.

Senior B’s coach and Crescent member Rodger Owen is encouraging those who are more than capable of playing — but may no longer have the opportunity or the desire.

‘‘It’s pretty concerning to see a lot of boys who I know can play and have played before, but aren’t getting into it this year,’’ Owen said.

He said he wants to get as many people playing rugby as he possibly can, to form extra teams or bring in extras from other teams to fill gaps — so everyone gets a run around on the field.

‘‘Rugby isn’t what it used to be, but I really want it to be. There are opportunities where clubs have loads of excess players who may not be getting any game time, and other clubs may not have enough to get anyone on the field at all.

This is where we need to be innovative. Bring in players from other clubs to help out another team, and work together. We’re all in this together. One day I would love to bring back a senior competition in the area, and at least give everyone the opportunity to play.

‘‘Rugby is a fantastic way to bring people together — and we as a club are very accommodating of everyone and we appreciate the community and support we have.

‘‘I’m doing what I love here, training these boys. Rugby is an absolute passion of mine, and I know it is for so many people within Crescent’s club too.’’

The Crescent Rugby Club are always looking for players and support. Keep an eye out for all games which involve Crescent and come along to give the team some encouragement on the field this season.

Go Crescent!

Gone . . . Crescent’s Andy Carruthers makes a break for the corner post during his team’s game against Clinton at Kaitangata in a previous season’s match.