It’s Crescent’s time to shine.

The Crescent premiers are gearing up for the season, and coach Naylor Edwards says the boys have been preparing through training sessions and playing preseason games.

‘‘This year we’ve got around 30 players in our premiers. We’ve lost a couple of players and gained a couple newbies, but overall I’m pretty happy with the number we’ve got.’’

This year player Chase Owen is shifting to assistant coach to help Edwards and manager Darren ‘‘Tin Head’’ Smith due to injury, and Edwards says he is excited for the role.

‘‘It’s unfortunate that we’ve lost him on the field but we haven’t lost him completely. He’s come in with good experience, and while I’m taking on the forward line he’s having a shot with training our back line. He’s come on board very keen and willing to help out so I’m chuffed with that.’’

‘‘We’ve got experience from the likes of Joshua Cook, Andrew Carruthers, Brendan Irwin and Harley McHardy, and along with all of our players, many of which have over 100 games for us, we’ve got a solid team on the pitch this season.’’

The team is looking forward to the season and is happy to be playing a full season since Covid put a stop to some games in previous years.

‘‘We’re getting pretty excited, and I’m sure all clubs are getting pumped. It’ll be good for all of the clubs to kick-start at full speed again,’’ Edwards said.

Edwards’ strategy is to look at each game as they come instead of looking too far ahead and losing focus.

‘‘We’re aiming to play by ear each week. We’re focusing on player improvement and skill-based tactics as individuals and as a team. Each week will be an exciting game and we’ll be amped for them, but we’re taking it week by week to drill down on improving and furthering ourselves as a team.’’

‘‘The long term goal is to try make the top four again, and anything above that will be a bonus.’’

Edwards said the club was extremely lucky to have a senior B team, and they worked together when players were needed in each team.

‘‘We work closely with the B team as both teams can hand over players when needed. We’ve got a great relationship and [senior B coach] Rodger Owen is supportive of us as we are of them.

He’s a great coach and we present opportunity for every player to have field time when both teams work together.’’

‘‘The team and club culture is incredible here. People are more than welcome to come along and join the club,’’ Edwards said.

‘‘We’ve got awesome support from our community, sponsors and life members. Our players play not only for them or the club, they’re playing for the community.

They’re the current caretakers for the jersey and they wear it with pride on and off the field.’’

This Saturday the Crescent team is playing Cromwell on Cromwell’s turf at 2.30pm, so any support would be appreciated.

For more information about the premiers, contact Naylor Edwards on 0278427674.

Pre-season prep . . . The Crescent premiers team gets fit last Thursday at its training for pre-season matches. PHOTO: EVELYN THORN