Summer’s last gasp is a fresh reminder to think about South Otago’s winter warmth go-to in your home — the heat pump.

Combining the versatility of a summer air-conditioner with the ability to provide cosy warmth, a heat pump unit is made up of three main components — a condenser, evaporator and a compressor.

Thermodynamic chemical reactions occur when refrigerant gases are compressed and evaporated in the closed system by the highly controllable compressor.

‘‘With modern standards of home insulation, the right heat pump in the right place at the right setting is very efficient to run,’’ Cowley Electrical’s Dave Sleeman said.

‘‘We specialise in on-site free quotes to assess the requirements and options each particular home and user has to choose from.’’

New arrivals to Otago-Southland from warmer climes may have to get acquainted with heat pump technology but lifetime locals are well familiar with the cosy, quiet, indoor unit and sturdy power plant, working diligently outside all year in all weather.

Hard working men, women, school pupils and students find fronting up to the long, chilly, grey winter months a lot easier with the knowledge the trusty heat pump is circulating healthy, dry, warm air around the family sanctuary, and its reliability makes it easy to take for granted.

Inside . . . Cowley Electrical’s Cam Scott knows heat pumps. PHOTO: SUPPLIED

‘‘Right about now, as soon as it starts getting cool but before winter comes on would be a great time to get your heat pump serviced, a qualified technician will make sure its gas is all good, everything is tight and clean, then crank it up and run it through all its functions and adjust any settings. After that, all the user has to do is remember the filters every now and then, and sit back and enjoy,’’ Mr Sleeman said.

‘‘The fact is, a lot of users don’t know how to get the best out of their heat pumps. So when you book in a service it’s also a good time to have a chat with the technician about the controls and options and make sure you understand how to set it up with temperature and timers that are just right for you and you family.

‘‘Given that we’re headed towards a low-emission economy, an investment in a quality electric heat pump system is a future-proofing move. In fact, on the sustainable energy front, we’re starting to answer more questions about the range of electric califont and hot-water heat pump technology appearing on the horizon.’’

Warm dry homes are healthy successful homes so for a long-term solution to home heating, think heat pump and contact a Clutha contractor now.