Back again . . . Tokomairiro Senior B is back for another season and the boys are excited for the senior metro
competition. PHOTO: EMMA LISTER

After a year’s hiatus, the Tokomairiro Senior B team is back in action and ready to take on the senior metro competition.

The team has a lot of old boys back who are keen to get on the field again in the blue and yellow jersey to represent Toko.

The team last played in 2021 and came second-last in the competition. This year the boys are hoping to improve on their placing and make sure they have a good time on the field.

The teams has good numbers this year with a mix of ages from 16-50, with plenty of older players.

Seniors aim to blend experience and youth on the field and use their combined skills to win matches during the season.

Senior Bs coach Michael Scott is looking to take small steps with the team and ultimately take out the bottom half of the competition.

‘‘The competition is usually split once it gets far enough through the season, and we’re aiming to get top of the bottom half of the metro competition.

‘‘Our main target is enjoyment and getting a run around. You don’t have to be the fittest player or you don’t even have to have played at all, we just love getting a senior team out on the field to get a run around and have a great time with Toko.’’

Scott will be announcing the team’s co-captains closer to the beginning of the season, which begins on April 1.

‘‘We like to have two main captains — one young fella paired with an older, more experienced, player.

‘‘This gives the younger side a chance to have input as a captain and the older side a chance to mentor and blend experience with the younger side.’’

The seniors love playing against Crescent and Strath Taieri and look forward to these matches over the season.

‘‘I’m here to guide and look after the boys mainly. I don’t do much coaching but more giving the players the opportunity to blend their abilities as players,’’ Scott said.

‘‘The main goal is to have a great time and enjoy the season this year, especially after being out of the competition last season.’’

For inquiries on joining the Toko Senior Bs, call Michael Scott on 021 205-8538 or check out the Toko Rugby Fan Club Facebook page.

Go Toko!