Connecting communities with rugby

All the power . . . Lawrence Premier rugby team number 8 Ben Martin boosts away with the ball during a match from last season. PHOTO: SUPPLIED
On the ball . . . Clutha Valley Condors and Lawrence Nuggets premier rugby players battle head to head to be first on the ball during their match last season at the Clutha Valley Rugby Club grounds in Clydevale.

In Lawrence rugby, it is all about the culture.

From older players to youngsters starting out, Lawrence is all about getting people together and bonding through rugby.

The Lawrence junior rugby side is thriving and the youngsters are gearing up for another season.

Junior rugby president Tony Homer is looking forward to the season.

‘‘We’re pretty excited for the season to begin. Our squads are pretty strong, and they’re all pretty excited to begin too,’’ Homer said.

‘‘We have four teams — one Under-7, one Under-9, one Under-11, and one Under-13. We’ve got a strong contingent of girls, especially in our Under-11, which we’re taking a lot of pride in.’’

Homer said the girls have been encouraged in previous years and will be again this year with practices from the help of Otago Spirit players who come out and teach them the best of the best techniques, tips and tricks.

‘‘We’ve also got a good sized committee with plenty of help from parents, which make my job a lot easier,’’ he joked.

‘‘It’ll be exciting to see what this year brings for our young charges.’’

The Southern Region Rugby Facebook page commented on the Lawrence Premier team at the end of last season:

‘‘Lawrence did such an amazing job of creating a club and team from pretty much scratch again. A lot of credit needs to go to the people behind the scenes who don’t usually get much of a mention. This season will have rekindled some love and passion for Nuggets footy and we see them back next season ready for action. Regardless, it was good to see them back in the competition and we hope they can stay with us for the foreseeable future.’’

The Lawrence Rugby Club has fired back up again and is back for this year’s season of rugby, and have been preparing with fundraisers including fat lamb competitions and upcoming fundraisers including working bees in future which will be mentioned on their Facebook page.

‘‘We’re pretty proud of all of our sponsors and committee for giving us the opportunity to get our players on the paddock,’’ Premiers player coach Ben Martin said.

‘‘The club looks after our boys pretty well, and some of our players have a fair bit of history within the club so we’re quite proud of how tight-knit we are within the club.’’

With the upcoming rugby season, it’s time to watch out for your favourite teams. Lawrence Rugby Club will be one of the clubs to watch out for as they make their way toward the Southern Region Rugby and other competitions for the year.