Business flourishes from family help

All area relaxation . . . Suzie Roy knows all about the ins and outs of different sports and continues to develop in therapeutic massage and more. PHOTO: EVELYN THORN

Between owning a new business, working on the farm, doing courses and being a mother, Body Therapy Massage owner Suzie Roy knows about juggling every aspect of life while assisting her clients in becoming the best version of themselves.

Suzie started out as a manager medic for sports. Whatever sports her children were involved in, she was there, especially when it came to rugby. As her children progressed into high school, she became well known as the medic and mother for youngsters playing rugby and other sports.

‘‘As my sons got older I wasn’t sure what I was meant to do. Being the medic was my ‘thing’ at school for the boys and other kids,’’ she said.

‘‘One day an advertisement popped up for Southern Institute of Technology with courses on massage therapy. It all flourished from there.’’

Suzie officially opened her business in her Tuapeka Mouth home last December, and has been working to develop herself in her business.

‘‘I offer several different massages for my clients. There is a classic relaxation massage, deep tissue massage, neck, shoulders, face and scalp massages and more.’’

‘‘When a person gets a massage, they should never be in pain. I am very adamant with my clients knowing this.’’ Suzie is open on days that can vary due to her continual studies to further herself in her field. She is qualified for sports strapping and also does sports massages. She can accommodate sports teams by negotiation.

She conducts consultations, both for massages and for general health and wellness including food, exercise, stress and more.

In the year ahead, Suzie aims to progress her studies and is in her second year of studying. She hopes to progress into a business in Balclutha in the future, when she is more established.

Suzie believes in working and supporting local, and has been collaborating with local businesses including Guthrie Bowron and Balclutha Physiotherapy to further her knowledge and assist her business.

She uses her own blends of creams and is considering selling them in future.

Suzie hopes to inform parents and children through consultations and in future seminars around sport and wellbeing through being active. She wishes to pass on the knowledge she has gained with her own family to others, to give them advice on how to assist children in multiple sports and the way their children should be focusing on fitness and health.

Suzie has various options to choose from and takes bookings through her Facebook page Body Therapy. Contact today to inquire what would be right for you through the page or email [email protected] for more information.