Preparation . . . Toko Axemen premiers training for their upcoming season. PHOTO: CLUTHA LEADER

Tokomairiro has big goals for the rugby season — and it’s going to do whatever it can to achieve them.

This year the Tokomairiro premier rugby team, also known as the Axemen, has a squad of close to 30 dedicated players who are ready for the challenge of the Southern Region competition.

Club president and premiers player Bradley Frost is pumped for the season ahead.

‘‘Last year we had a great season, where we made it to the semis and lost to Clutha,’’ Frost said.

‘‘This year we’re getting really fired up and motivated. The goal this year is to get right to the end and win the entire competition, and we’re going to do the best we can out there on the field.’’

The premiers are being coached again for the second year by head coach Peter Aitken, who will be assisted by his brother Dean Aitken. Their manager is Shane McDonald, alongside Paul Adams and Julie Aitken, who are set to be the sports and official medics.

‘‘We’ve got some feisty players including Jacky Scott and Dylan Mathieson who have been away but have returned this season. Alongside them we have players to watch out for including Kieran O’Sullivan, Dylan Greer who is our captain, and our vice-captains Josh Beer-Williams and Dion Shaw, who will also be fierce players on the field,’’ Frost said.

‘‘Our entire team is one to watch this year. We’re very excited to be getting the season under way and we can’t wait to give it our all and show the other clubs what we’ve got.

‘‘Our biggest and most anticipated match will be Crescent, along with Clutha. These will be games to watch out for and pencil into the calendars because they are amazing battles out on the field, the camaraderie between teams and clubs is awesome to see and we always have an incredible battle.’’

The Toko Premiers can’t wait to get into action this year and will play to the crowds who support them.

‘‘We’re more than thankful to our sponsors and supporters who take time out of their day to come and watch our games, and we’re ready to prove to them and everyone that our premier team will win this competition,’’ Frost said.

‘‘We have around half a dozen players on our committee so we all do a lot on and off the field. We definitely have some driving forces behind the scenes, including our secretary Anita Kingma, who I have to thank immensely for the work she’s helped me with.’’

For further inquiries or if you are looking to join Toko Rugby, contact Bradley Frost on 027 449-0571, or check out the Toko Rugby Fan Club Facebook page.

Go the Axemen!