Association to celebrate its 70 years

Young minds . . . Children of Balclutha Kindergarten (from left) Imelldalita Lee-Cheung (3), M’kaddesh Lee-Cheung (2), Blessing Tamara Tolo (4), Archie Proctor (5) and Aurora Hancock (4) learn about drawing at the kindergarten last Wednesday. PHOTO: EVELYN THORN

South Otago Kindergartens is extending a warm welcome to join it in honouring 70 years of South Otago Kindergarten Association and the celebration of its new beginning with Whanau Manaaki Kindergartens.

The event in its entirety has been created in order to celebrate past, present and future members, teachers and associates of South Otago Kindergartens.

What began with Balclutha Kindergarten has now flourished into five district-wide kindergartens — Balclutha, Rosebank, Milton, Goldfields in Lawrence and Poupoutunoa in Clinton.

As many people as there are in the Clutha district, everyone has had some connection to these amazing kindergartens, whether it be through siblings, children, parents, partners, friends and further wide.

South Otago Kindergartens would like to host an event to celebrate the 70 years of growth and opportunity for so many in the district on Sunday, April 30.

The event will take place at the Balclutha Cross Recreation Centre between 1.30pm-3.30pm. Entertainment is provided for families and children, along with an afternoon tea and a special presentation to Whanau Manaaki.

The organisation is excited to host the event and members hope to see many friendly faces celebrating alongside them for their 70 years.

Please send your RSVP to [email protected] and come along to celebrate this incredible milestone with South Otago Kindergartens.

Creative youngsters . . . Balclutha Kindergartener Tiakiawa
Barclay-Thompson (4) exercises his mind in the sandpit last week.
Celebrations . .. South Otago Kindergartens is looking forward to seeing you there as it celebrates a milestone 70 years of its
kindergartens and its new journey. PHOTO: SUPPLIED