Daffodil Day is tomorrow, and the Cancer Society is reminding people that locals can help locals when it comes to tough times.

Cancer is a vicious time for the person involved and every family member and friend who are connected to that person.

It is a difficult time for everyone, especially with each and every aspect of a diagnosis.

From work and home life to everyday expenses, a cancer diagnosis can completely upend a person’s life.

The Cancer Society have supportive care services in the Clutha district for people who are either going through cancer, have just received a diagnosis or are worried about a family member or friend living with it.

All of the Cancer Society’s professional staff are registered practitioners including nurses, nutritionists and social workers, alongside a massive amount of the frontline work through the donated time and effort of dedicated volunteers.

Cancer Society community support care co-ordinator for the South and West Otago region Diana Power says ‘‘no-one should have to go through cancer alone’’.

From her Balclutha office, Mrs Power manages a network including Owaka, Kaka Point, Kaitangata, Lawrence and everywhere in between.

‘‘I’m at the office a couple of days a week and mostly travelling to support our clients and co-ordinate with our volunteers.

‘‘The Cancer Society says ‘any cancer patient, anywhere’, — that’s who we take care of.’’

‘‘We want to keep patients feeling in control or that they can take back control.

‘‘That’s especially important when someone gets a cancer diagnosis.’’

Mrs Powers says having a cancer diagnosis can be a very lonely place to be, as ‘‘no-one quite knows’’ what the person is going through.

The Cancer Society supportive care services provides a listening, empathetic ear and guidance through the bumpy road of navigating the health system.

Local supportive care services are a safety net, and a tool that people with a cancer diagnosis can use at any given time.

The services are all about providing an equitable service and being there for you, no matter where you live.

To access supportive care services for yourself or a family member, just give Diana a call on 027 277-7632 for assistance.