Winning work

The overall award winner of the 2022 Art South Otago annual exhibition was the abstract Papillioby Balclutha’s Maxine Evans, whose 30 years of painting has been mostly realist.

‘‘It’s hard for a naturally controlled person,’’ Mrs Evans said, who described beginning the work with Creedence Clearwater Revival on her stereo and thoughts of a tui in flax.

‘‘I’ve tried for years to loosen up and it’s the first departure into abstract I’m really happy with. I’d certainly like to explore in that direction in a larger format, which will be another adventure of its own.’’

Exhibition co-organiser Beth Linklater was very pleased with this year’s event.

‘‘We had more people through the door this year and great feedback on everything from the pottery, jewellery, woodwork and painting — and plenty of sales of all of those, including the children’s art,’’ Mrs Linklater said.

Art South Otago is online for everyone interested in setting their artistic spirit free. REPORT & PHOTO: NICK BROOK