Show lionised

Back stage at their end-of-year performance are Southern Dance Academy (SDA) performers (clockwise from left) Chantal Smales (15) as Nava, Marsha Anderson as Sarai, Erin Turner (12) as Shar, Jessica Neal as Musa, Cosine Chacapna (16) as Samba, Miela Thompson (9) as Nava Jnr and Emily Plaza-Huggins (8) as Samba Jnr .

The academy held its annual showcase recently at the Coronation Hall in Milton.

The show was inspired by The Lion King and featured a cast of 30.

Southern Dance Academy owner and head teacher Nicola Simpson said it was a fantastic show, and the performers and crew did an amazing job putting it together.

‘‘ Heart of a Lion was our biggest show to date and the set, costumes and performances are a reflection of how far we have come as a dance school.’’

She said the event was well-attended and received many wonderful comments from audience members.

She wished to thank the staff and students at SDA, volunteers, supporters and sponsors. REPORT: EVELYN THORN/PHOTO: SUPPLIED