Prehistoric presentations

Clutha pupils have been showing off their talents recently, as both Tokomairiro High School and The Catlins Area School held exhibitions of their work. Catlins pupils created a museum display to celebrate the visit of the skeleton of Peter the Tyrannosaurus Rex to Auckland Museum this year. Tokomairiro pupils held a special assembly and exhibition to show off a range of media including woodwork, visual arts and robotics. Tokomairiro principal Declan Sheridan said it was an opportunity to show the diversity of work done by pupils.

Dino creations . . . The Catlins Area School pupils (from left) Milly Lietze (11), Anashae Logie (12), and Lucy Barker (11) show off their realistic and non› realistic dinosaurs to celebrate Peter the T›Rex coming to the Auckland Museum recently. PHOTO: EVELYN THORN
Dinosaur delight . . . Dinosaurs created by The Catlins Area School pupils from scraps of materials, includ› ing cardboard, egg cartons, mesh, old discs and more. PHOTO: EVELYN THORN
Timber time . . . Woodwork and clockwork are combined by trade technology students at Tokomairiro High School. PHOTO: NICK BROOK