The Tuapeka Goldfields Museum & Information Centre in Lawrence oozed with creativity and hot glue as youngsters set to work with their wagon wheel workshop.

Children from as far as Dunedin and Tuturau, near Wyndham, joined the creative masses to devise a plan on a working wagon made from craft materials including milk bottle caps or cardboard for wheels, plastic, straws or cardboard for the bodies and extra decorations and colour for the finished product.

The children discussed among themselves their personalised designs and the different ways wagons were used back in the day, including carting mail, people or items, and most succeeded in building a wagon which had rolling wheels and stood sturdy on a surface.

Wheely lovin’ it . . . Siblings Kendal (10) and Charlie Homer
(8) hold up their half-made wagons last Friday.
Piece by piece . . . Tuturau youngster Jackson Vesey (11)
works on his wagon wheel with the assistance of Tuapeka
Goldfields Museum manager and education officer Jess Weichler.