A local artist hopes to hold further meditative art workshops, following the success of an inaugural outing on Saturday.

‘‘Self-taught’’ Balclutha painter Ingrid Modinger said she was able to hold the first ‘‘Watercolour for Mindfulness’’ workshop thanks to Clutha Creative Communities funding for materials, and the Balclutha Library for the venue.

Ms Modinger said 15 people attended the first session, which had been oversubscribed.

Sessions were a little different from regular art classes as they explored the overlap between mindfulness, meditation and watercolour painting, she said.

‘‘After loving art as a child, but like many people never really being encouraged to value my art and my practise of art, I fell away from painting for a while several years ago.

‘‘I began to meditate as a way to rid myself of negativity and discouraging thoughts and, through that practice, began to reconnect with painting, particularly watercolour.

‘‘Now I want to share that experience with others, because it’s a fantastic way for people to rediscover their love of art, in the way we all have that love as children.’’

Ms Modinger, who moved to Clutha two years ago from her native Chile, said although her parents were loving, they did not set a high value on her art.

‘‘So many of us have been told we’re not good enough at this or that, and it becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy.

‘‘So today we began with meditation and intention setting, then put the things we don’t like in a box.

‘‘Taking the perfectionism out of things frees you to reconnect with that childhood joy in simply painting.’’

She was heartened by feedback.

‘‘People seem to be enjoying it. . . I’d love to be able to run more sessions in future.’’