South Otago Bowling Club — March 30. Stirling Trophy final round (13). Kaka Point Rollers 13, Kaka Point Nuggets 4; Kaka Point Penguins 10, Milton Sinners 6; Milton Saints 7, Owaka 5; Finegand 12, Waihola 3; Balclutha Bulls 9, Balclutha Stags 4; Milton Angels 9, Owaka United 4; Balclutha Rams 9, SOT&C 3.

As there was a tie in points between the Balclutha Stags and Balclutha Rams adeciding game was played with the Balclutha Stags winning 12-11. Finals points: Balclutha Stags 24, Balclutha Rams 22, Finegand &Milton Saints 18, Balclutha Bulls 16, Milton Sinners 14, Owaka United 13, Kaka Point Penguins & Owaka 12, Kaka PointRollers 10, Waihola 9, Milton Angels 6, SOT&C 2.

The South Otago champion of champion fours was won by Owaka. Lindsay West (skip), Munro Bunting (third), Bruce Wilson (second), BryanPrice(lead).

The South Otago champion of champion triples was won by Finegand. Robert Wilson (skip) 38th centre title, Gerry Gosgrove (second) fifth centre title, Graeme Greer (lead) first centre title.