Libraries help with passes


Clutha libraries have assisted nearly 2000 residents with obtaining their Covid›19 vaccine passes, and the number continues to climb daily.

When the New Zealand Government introduced vaccination passes in December last year, Clutha District Libraries were ready to deliver any customer assistance needed.

Library and service centre manager Debbie Duncan said digital programme staff worked with the library team to produce a simple guide to creating the passes, with the help of the New Zealand Libraries Partnership Programme.

Library staff made their own passes early on, to become familiar with the process.

Ms Duncan said there were many challenges in helping customers obtain their vaccine passes.

‘‘Not having a digital device, expecting staff to produce a vaccine pass from the vaccine appointment card, having no ID to present to staff and not having an email account were some of the hurdles that staff had to jump in order to help customers.’’

Some were directed to pharmacies or the Covid›19 Helpline to be assisted.

Ms Duncan said she and her team understood the high demand for the service, and that the response and appreciation towards staff for helping out had been ‘‘heartwarming’’. ‘‘Locals gave us some amazing feedback, and it’s been rewarding for the team to help out so many people during recent months.

‘‘People have said things like, ‘You have so much patience’, ‘I can’t believe you are offering this help for free’.’’

She said all libraries in the district remained able to help if people were still in need of obtaining their vaccine passes.