‘Stoked’ with effort

Gang?s all here . . . A group of senior pupils finishing strong at the 2020 TCAS cross country race. PHOTO: SUPPLIED


Chilly conditions did not prevent the pupils of Catlins Area School lacing up for a cross› country last Wednesday, the first big sporting event in the school’s calendar since lockdown.
Physical education teacher Sarah Cairns said she was “really stoked” with the effort put in by the runners.
“There was great participation,” Mrs Cairns said.
“And it was very competitive.”
The young athletes were kept on their toes with a new course that ran through hilly farmland.
“There were lots of ups and downs . . .It meant that each age group could run a slightly different course.
“Its great to be back into it. Cool to see lots of parents too. You miss that socialising as well.”