School to host paddock golf event


If you can chip into a toilet bowl, slice it up and over a truck, lob it into a car boot, or bogey it over wool dags on a course which has more cow patties than manicured greens, then Warepa School has the event for you.

The eighth Warepa School support group paddock golf tournament is on this weekend.

Co-ordinator Justine Barrie said the annual event has become so popular it attracts interest the day after it finishes each year.

“We have teams that will ring us up the next day and ask for a slot to be saved for them in next year’s tournament,” Mrs Barrie said.

“To keep it fun and manageable we limit it to just 16 teams who play over 12 holes spread out through four paddocks at Stewart Cowie’s property on Moa Hill Rd.

“The fun is all the different holes they have to play. These are novelty holes built by sponsors with challenging greens, deceptive lies or intriguing sweet spots.”

Stewart Cowie said the tournament was popular with the golfing fraternity.

“It’s played on the ambrose system and it has become quite the event with clubs scheduling their year’s competitions around it.”

Mrs Barrie said the main goal each year was to have a whole lot of fun, with prizes for the worst and best scores.

The event would raise money to help fund the Warepa School and enhance the learning experience for its pupils.