Lawrence pupils splash out at sports

Home at last . . . Madison Cummings (11) has a rest after completing an entire length of the pool underwater. PHOTO: JACK CONROY

Lawrence Area School took the opportunity last week to head to the pool to complete its long-awaited swimming sports day.

Teacher Casey Young said almost the entire school came along for the event.

“It was great to see a good turnout from the senior students . . . being leaders.”

Kickstart . . . Matilda Wightman (7) gives it her all in the kick-board race.

The LAS pupils took over the Lawrence “Splash Out” aquatic centre for the best part of the day, competing in relays, underwater swimming and kick› board contests.

Mrs Young said it was “amazing” to see how much the children’s capabilities had increased since the pool was put in in 2016.

“Every year they get better and better. We’ve got some high quality swimmers in there now.”

In charge . . . Lawrence Area School house leaders (from left) Regan Potter, Tegan Lewis, Tio Tuwhangai and Jake Heslop (all 16), took pride in their school colours at the swimming sports last week.