Work begins on halls


Funding from a Provincial Growth Fund (PGF) allocation targeted at community hall renovations has been a welcome boost to rural communities in the Clutha district.

Clutha District Council service delivery group manager Jules Witt said the council was keen to have the local community centre and hall committees take the lead with the work, and engage with local tradespeople to get work done within guidelines from the PGF.

The majority of the soffits and fascias have been removed and prepared for renewal.
Electrical rewiring work has begun, with progress made prior to the roof being replaced.
Installation of double glazing and further works, including atoilet refurbishment, and painting and heating improvements are set to carry on throughout March with completion nearing the end of April.
Hillend Hall committee secretary Corey Laurie said things were ‘‘ticking along’’.
‘‘The builders are working on the interior now installing the new bathroom and fixtures before they start on the new kitchen assembly and the roof outside,’’ she said.

Works have commenced on repairs to windows and exterior walls while the internal electrical work has been scheduled for completion late this month.
Owaka Memorial Community Centre committee member Debra Hollows said she had spoken to contractor Wayne Hollows Builder and been advised that building/electrical work scheduled for the hall would occur from mid›March to June.
‘‘The maintenance will be re›roofing the hall, upgrading electrical wiring and heaters, and earthquake strengthening, and the painting of outside walls,’’ she said.
‘‘This is great to be able to have the funds to make this happen as this hall is a valuable community asset.’’

Electrical works are scheduled for later this month while the work on the outside cladding of the Kaka Point Hall is awaiting the delivery of new aluminium doors and windows, which are expected later this month.

The council is expecting electrical work to be completed by the end of the month, and the exterior walls to be relined in April.

The electrical and heating upgrade has been completed and a roof replacement is scheduled for March/ April.
Waiwera South Hall committee secretary Anna Whiteside said they were now waiting for the contractor to start work on the hall’s roof.