Vintage club keeps window on the past


Preserving history in physical and written form is one of the goals of the West Otago Vintage Club in Tapanui.

Club chairman Peter Byars said the club displayed historic items so people could see what used to go on in the area.

“We do it because we enjoy it,” Mr Byars said.

The club building had a large garage with well-kept vintage vehicles of many varieties and an early settlers-themed room that housed household items from the 1800s.

Group member Wilma Brock also ran a family history service assisting people from the area trying to research their roots.

“I just love family history . . . all of it is related to West Otago,” Mrs Brock said.

Frozen in time . . . a collection of taxidermied birds hailing from the Blue Mountains. PHOTO: JACK CONROY
Beloved . . . Club favourite ‘Stella’, a still operational 1912 Marshall 5 HP tractor is housed across the road from the main vintage club in all her glory. PHOTO: JACK CONROY