Vehicles impounded after driving incidents


On Friday, two male drivers were stopped in separate incidents and found to be driving while disqualified or suspended.

Both had their vehicles impounded and will be summonsed to appear in court, and one will also face charges relating to driving with excess breath alcohol.

On Sunday, police received a complaint of erratic driving by an older model ute, which subsequently sideswiped another vehicle near the outskirts of Clinton, causing significant damage.

Police located the ute driver, finding him in an agitated state and unfit to drive.

On Waitangi Day holiday, February 7, two youths were apprehended after crashing a ute they had stolen in Yarmouth St, Balclutha.

Depending on the level of offending, criminal behaviour by those under the age of 17 is usually dealt with separately from the adult justice system.

Police said a Youth Aid file was being prepared, in a process that aims to steer and support the young people concerned away from law› breaking.

In reference to recent vandalism by a group of young people at an agricultural and automotive yard, widely publicised on social media, Balclutha Police Sergeant Regan Grey said police were well aware of all involved, and appropriate actions were being taken.