Treading the boards

Preparing for the show are (from left) Connor Bond (11) – Gorgie; Yunique Papalii (10) – Sergie; Mya Russell (11) – secretary; Mike Russell 911 – deputy; Toby Deverson (10) – laziness; and Ellie Olsen› Vetland (11) – Borgie. PHOTO: JOHN COSGROVE


Final rehearsals for the second production of the term for Rosebank Primary School were held at the school last Friday . Down to Earth is a play written and directed by Rosebank Primary School teacher Sarah Reid and was performed by children from the school’s year 5 and 6 classes.
“It is about the planet Halotolia which is running out of space due to overcrowding. They send out scouts who locate planet Ea Rath and decide to leave four vices there to influence the inhabitants to self› destruct through the vices so that the Halotolians can occupy the planet. The vices were greed, anger, selfishness and laziness.
‘‘However the Ea Rath citizens rebel and use kindness to defeat the invaders,” Mrs Reid said.
“We have been very lucky with the great support from many teachers and parents who have spent hours helping to make the props, costumes, arrange the lighting and the score and build the sets — it has been great to use the creative talents of the community.”
The play opened last Tuesday.