Tokomairiro High School introduces new uniforms


A new uniform to start a new year off.

By now year 7 and year 12 pupils at Tokomairiro High School (THS) in Milton will be parading around in their new school uniforms.

THS principal Glenis Sim said the new uniforms were more about comfort and choice as this year pupils get to choose what to wear.

“They get to choose on the day what suits them, whether it be a polo shirt or a blue shirt.

The school’s last uniform change was more than 10 years ago and this time the woollen jersey has been replaced by a soft shell jacket, a new polo shirt and blue striped shirt, a new plain black wrap skirt for the girls and new shorts for the boys.

“This time we went for a standardised NZ uniform, one that offers more choices to the students and over the next couple of years everyone will migrate to the new uniforms.

“It will be a bit mismatched for a while but it is a more comfortable uniform,” she said.

Mrs Sim said the school blazer would be available to rent from the school for senior students and all she was waiting for was the back-ordered stock to arrive from China.

Other regional high schools report a steady demand for second-hand uniforms at this time of the year.

South Otago High School parent teacher association committee member Karen Mills said it was a very helpful idea as it allowed parents to recycle uniforms from children who have grown, or left school, to help other families cope with the annual expense of outfitting their children.

“It’s one of our biggest fundraisers each year and a lot of people came through the stall we held last Friday, looking to ease the strain on family resources.

“Hopefully, there is something for everyone, as we have a lot to offer with a good variety of uniforms of all sizes,” she said.

Mrs Mills said the response to the pre-loved uniform sale was very important to the school.

“It helps us to help each other and a lot of people had already contacted me looking for specific items long before the doors even opened,” she said.