Swell of new faces for schools



It’s quite rare for a small rural school like Warepa to have five new entrants at the start of the school year.

Junior class teacher Emma Puna said the school’s pupils came from all over, but not usually as many as five in one go.

‘‘Unlike a town school we often don’t know where the children will be coming from, because they go to different kindergartens and play groups in the wider area and don’t often meet up,’’ she said.

‘‘Sometimes we know who’s coming because of the transition course we run in the months leading up to admission but this year it was a surprise.’’

At Kaitangata School the scholastic year started with three new entrants but school staff said they were planning for a possible 14 year one new entrants by the end of the school year.

At Rosebank School in Balclutha the seven new entrants for year one had been mostly planned for, but a larger cohort of 26 new entrants over different age levels showed up on the first day.

Staff said it was a nice surprise to welcome children from three new families to the area.