Stock drive to help fund senior’s units


A stock drive is the next stage of the fundraising Tuapeka Health Incorporated is undertaking to establish its new independent living units in Lawrence.

Tuapeka Community Health Incorporated (TCHI) chairman Mark Hay said a lot of work has already been done behind the scenes.

“We now have the land, plans have been fine-tuned and consents are almost here. We will soon start building the first two units.

“The idea of the stock drive is [that it is] a great way for the community to raise funds as it will allow us to keep the costs of the units down.

“It is good in two ways: the first is that it helps older people to stay in their community, to be around family and friends and to be able to afford the units, and secondly it helps us to raise funds for the continued operation of the health centre here in Lawrence,” he said.

The money raised will be used to fill in the gaps of funding during the construction of the units.

“It helps reduce the financial risk and bridging costs of the units, as it allows those of reduced means to be able to afford the units and we want to build something the community can be proud of.”

A stock drive is where farmers advise their stock agents that they would like to give a specified number of animals going to the works to the fundraising effort.

The agents then funnel the funds into a set account with the five major meat processing companies, that money is then used to help fund the project, all without the TCHI having to touch a single animal.

“The farmers can donate ewes, lambs or cattle. It’s all voluntary and anonymous,” Mr Hay said.

Planning for the community independent living units started two years ago and the idea of the stock drive was first mooted before Christmas.

“It shows just how generous the Lawrence Tuapeka community are. When we first mentioned the stock drive several farmers immediately offered us stock on the spot,” Mr Hay said.