Sticker informs not all plastic good to recycle


The Clutha District Council is starting a new waste awareness campaign in the lead up to NZ Recycling Week.

Green stickers will be popping up on some recycling bins around the district, featuring the Waste Wizard, who will let people know if they have put the wrong thing in the bin.

Council solid waste officer Steve Clarke said the new stickers were only a reminder, because the region was “doing pretty good.”

“I believe it is. The Clutha residents are quite aware and their recycling habits are good.”

He said out of 6200 pairs of bins around the district, only four were on temporary suspension after putting the wrong things in.

But one area people sometimes made mistakes with was soft plastics, any kind of plastic you could scrunch in your hand.

“This could be shopping bags, bubble wrap or chip bags.”

This kind of plastic was considered a contaminant, and a bin found to have this sort of plastic would not be emptied.

“It’s almost always an accident. People will stick milk bottles in the bag and put that out to be collected . . . but at the plant they can’t even open a plastic bag to see what is inside because there is a health and safety risk.”

Residents who had been notified would be asked to put the soft plastic into their rubbish bin, and put the recycling bin back out the following week to be emptied.