Mouth full . . . Zoe Cleghorn (8) sprays a large amount of soapy muddy water as she neared the end of the water slide at the Waiwera South School’s cross country / fun mud run held in a nearby paddock last Wednesday. PHOTO: JOHN COSGROVE

Mud larks.
When the South Otago small schools cross country was cancelled due to Alert Level 2 restrictions, staff at Waiwera South School felt they needed to find a way to reward their pupils for all the hard work they had put into training for the event.
The result was a combination cross country / fun mud run held in a nearby paddock last Wednesday.
Senior pupils ran twice around the short circuit, tackling a variety of challenges from a mud crawl under a tarpaulin and a tire walk to clambering over hay bales and negotiating a hay bay tunnel before they faced the 20m long water slide filled with soapy water and mud at the bottom.
Junior class runners were only supposed to do one lap but many found the circuit so much fun they ran it twice, all while accompanied by their teachers who came out just as wet and muddy as they did.
Clutha Leader’s John Cosgrove went along to capture all the action and tried to stay clean and dry, a hard task with so much mud flying around.

Middle room teacher Lauren Chapman. PHOTO: JOHN COSGROVE

The answer as to who was covered in mud in the poster on the window of the Clutha Leader office in Balclutha, it was Lauren Chapman the school’s middle room teacher. PHOTOS: JOHN COSGROVE