South Otago team wins NZ clubs quiz


A team of former South Otago High School pupils and their teacher have overcome nerves competing in front of the Clubs NZ 2019 quiz competition.

The competition was hosted by Shaun Wallace, from TV quiz show The Chase in Wellington two weekends ago.

The Super Troopers, from the South Otago Town and Country Club, had survived elimination rounds involving 15 teams representing cosmopolitan clubs from all over the country.

They then faced off against their fellow finalists with an equal number of points 83/100.

Wallace, the “Dark Destroyer”, called for an extra round to be played that ended in a draw.

It came down to a tie-breaker – what year was Muhammad Ali born?

Super Troopers team member Elliott Carroll said they huddled together and he thought it was 1943, based on his knowledge of Ali’s fights, so they gave their answer.

“Our opponents responded with 1938, then Shaun [Wallace] said both were wrong but it would go to the closest, which was 1942, and that’s how we won,” Mr Carroll said.

South Otago High School teacher Mr Carroll and the other five members of the Super Troopers were overjoyed.

They won a trophy and $5000 in prizes at the national contest.

The other members of the club team are former pupils of Mr Carroll, all from the 2017 and 2018 year 13 classes.

South Otago Town and Country bar manager Holly Aldcroft said although she had been hard at work, she was still a “wee bit” on edge about how the team was going up in Wellington.

To find the top team to send to Wellington we ran a quiz competition here at the SOT&C for 10 weeks,” she said.

“Seven teams were actively in the hunt before Super Troopers came out on top.

“Your team had to show up each week and earn enough points to win.”

“We were very happy for the boys who won. They worked hard at it and to have Shaun as the MC and host was a real bonus.

“for a little club it was a great result.”

Mr Carroll said he was a bit nervous facing Wallace but quickly found him outgoing.

During his trip, Wallace also hosted the New Zealand Pub Quiz Championships in Auckland and visited Dunedin and Queenstown.