Show queen cracks whip


Prepare yourselves for a cracking good time.

When asked what was going to be different about this year’s South Otago A&P Show Queen competition, organiser Bayley Coates said it would definitely be ‘‘a cracker’’.

‘‘I’ve been out finding ways to take the competition away from the stigma of it being only a beauty contest,’’ the former event winner said.

‘‘We’re a country town and I want to make it an all-round competition, highlighting the best aspects of both town and country.

‘‘So for a cracking good idea I have been toying with the plan of teaching the girls how to handle a whip.’’

Ms Coates said the competition would be a ‘‘lot of fun’’ this year.

‘‘At the end of the day it’s all about empowering women.

‘‘To help them build up their own personal and public confidence with advice from personal trainers; increase their own self-belief; and learn some handy and valuable nutritional and skincare tips from experts.

‘‘And along the way they may even learn how to crack the whip,” she joked.

Compared with recent years, this year there had been no problem getting the district’s young women to enter the competition.

‘‘This year, we have nine entries, and a great line›up of activities for them.

‘‘I’ve been blown away with the number of entries as so many girls have wanted to be part of the show.

‘‘I’ll admit I was a wee bit worried a few weeks ago, but now I’m very impressed with the high standard of all who have stepped up and entered.”

The Show Queen competition will finish, following long tradition, with the parade at the South Otago A&P Society’s 154th annual show day, on November 28.

Tonight, the entrants will have a meet and greet, and during coming weeks take part in team-bonding sessions, meet the judges and undertake fundraising activities.

‘‘Then they all have a month to learn how to crack the whip.”