Robyn happy to ride in ‘Batman’s car’

Nostalgia . . . Robyn Young’s dream car, her 1976 Ford Capri.

It is not Batman cruising around Gore in a 1976 Ford Capri but his sidekick, Robyn Young.

The Pukerau woman bought the black›and›gold car four years ago and decided to give it a Batman›themed interior.

‘‘I made some seat covers for it and I’ve got a wee emblem in the front,’’ she said.

‘‘The kids go ‘there’s Batman’s car’, and I yell out, ‘and I’m Robyn!’’’

It is not just children who enjoy her Capri, but adults too.

‘‘I belong to the Capri Club and they just think it’s the bee’s knees.’’ The Capri used to be a common make of car and held nostalgic value for her and many others, Mrs Young said. ‘‘Everybody relates to a memory or a person by what they see. ‘‘The joy on elderly people’s faces, on kids’ faces, it just creates the memory and emotion in lots of people.’’ Owning the Capri was a dream come true. ‘‘Growing up, I always wanted a Capri.’’ She bought the car sight unseen on TradeMe. ‘‘When I saw it, my eyes watered. To see it and hear it. ‘‘It had all been restored when we got it.’’ It had been imported from the United Kingdom but due to a lack of original paperwork, she was unsure if it was a John Player Special or an S Midnight, but either way it was rare, she said.

Despite its value, her Capri was her ‘‘daily runner’’.

‘‘It’s to be driven, not hidden.

‘‘A panelbeater once said at a car show, ‘I love seeing cars with stone chips on them; it means they’re being used.’

‘‘That’s really resonated with me.’’

It was the car of her dreams and she would never sell it, she said.

‘‘When you walk into the garage you smell the oil and you smell the petrol. It gets my adrenaline going.’’