Residents reach new heights


Lisa and Stuart Snell have moved into their brand new home in the new suburb of Plantation Heights, overlooking Balclutha.

Despite being the only occupied property in the planned community, that did not stop the rubbish truck from missing them on its first pass through last Thursday morning.

“You’d think being the only bin out would make it easy to see,” Mrs Snell said.

Despite this, Mrs Snell said she loved her new home.

“The views are amazing,” Mrs Snell said.

The couple are the first people to move into the neighbourhood which is predicted to have more than 60 houses.

Mrs Snell had been a resident of Clutha for 44 years, and felt good that she and her husband had not had to move out of the district they loved.

“Our children have moved away but our friends and family live here .. we had a home in Stirling which we sold quickly and rented in Balclutha while this was being built.”

She said with the price of established housing rising, it seemed viable to build instead.

The new home and garage took up 196sqm on a half-acre section of land, in a project that had taken about two years from purchase to completion.

More than 30 other similar sized sections on the subdivision were already spoken for.

Plantation Heights received its name from its history as a forest plantation that was turned into a subdivision about 12 years ago.

Clutha Mayor Bryan Cadogan said “The entire project cost about $5million .. we promised the public we would come away with a profit, and we’ve come out with a profit of $1million and rejuvenated the housing stock.”

With 300 to 400 people projected to move into the district over the next few years, Mr Cadogan said the expanded living capacity would have “profound social implications”.

He said the new subdivision would open the door for more developers from out of town to see the district as a place to build.

“There are about 800 jobs on offer in the district .. we hope this kind of change will bring young people and families into the area.

“Some have already bought pieces of land here.”