Residents of Kaka Point distressed by vandalism


Kaka Point residents are very disappointed vandalism has blighted their small coastal community.

Last week, on either Tuesday or Wednesday, one of the toilet bowls in the women’s toilet was deliberately broken, and sometime last Sunday one of the heavy concrete picnic tables in the public rest area was also smashed.

Contracting cleaner Jacqui White said she discovered the damage when she came to clean the toilets on Sunday.

“Someone had thrown a large rock at the bowl, smashing it. The rock was still there, so I called up SouthRoads who service all the area’s toilets for the Clutha District Council to report it and then started looking around to see what else had been damaged by this senseless act of vandalism,” she said.

It was then she noticed a large concrete picnic seat and table nearby had been demolished as well.

Busted . . . The smashed toilet in the womens’ rest room at Kaka Point. PHOTO: JACQUI WHITE

Resident Moira Spicer said it was dreadful to have two such events in a row.

“There are many more people coming to Kaka Point now which is great, but also it is disappointing to see some make it harder for everyone else to enjoy our beautiful place,” she said.

Kaka Point Community Group chairman Ken Stephens said it was pretty gutting to see that not everyone appreciated the high level of volunteer work undertaken by residents to improve Kaka Point.

“We have been working for 40 years to improve our community here and then someone thinks they can just smash it all up.

“We are only getting a fraction of the visitors we usually get at this time of year and volunteers here have been putting in a lot of extra effort into improving the facilities here, so we are very disappointed that someone has smashed the picnic table and the toilets.

“They were permanent concrete tables and someone, somewhere, must have some major damage on their vehicle from smashing into the table,” he said.

Anyone with relevant information is asked to contact the police in Owaka.