Promotions as Clutha Valley goes it alone


Clutha Valley now has its own autonomous fire brigade, having separated from the Balclutha Volunteer Fire Brigade.

A new chief fire officer, John Kee, and deputy chief, Richard Hunter, were sworn in at a ceremony last Thursday night.

Mr Hunter said there was no great problem between Clutha Valley and Balclutha, but the Clutha Valley team wanted recognition of their status.

“We were doing all the work of a stand-alone station but didn’t have the same standing,” he said.

The Clutha Valley brigade is volunteer-based and has 15 core members.

Mr Hunter, previously the station officer, said they would “all be getting a promotion”.

“We’ll have a chief, a deputy chief, a senior station officer and another officer.

“Before, we only had the senior station and the station [officers].”