Pair looking to set up women’s rugby team


Two rugby players from the Otago-Southland region are trying to put together a women’s rugby team encompassing all levels of experience.

Tegan Hollows and Isla Pringle, who both play for Otago Spirit, are putting together a team for upcoming sevens and 10s competitions.

“We really want to get to the Queenstown women’s rugby 10s at the end of March,” Hollows said.

Players could come from anywhere in the southern region.

“It’s also open to people that haven’t played before. If you’re below 18 you just need to fill out some forms with permission from your parents to get in.”

They also have shortlists for the positions of manager and coach.

“Everyone we have looked at so far has experience behind them. Now it’s just a matter of picking the best one.”

Those wanting to get involved can contact Hollows on 027 869-2229 or Pringle on 027 507-0101.