Onwards, upwards as hall is no more

Down it comes . . . The last part of the old town hall comes down. PHOTO: JANICE BROCKETT


Going, going, gone — and it is all up, up, up from now on.

The last major structural component — the stage area — of the Balclutha War Memorial Hall came crashing down late last Thursday afternoon.

Photographer Janice Brockett was on hand to record the moment when the last vestige of the 59›year›old civic building fell.

Clutha Community Hub Charitable Trust chairman Dale Anderson said that while the removal of the existing building was not something to be celebrated, the trust was very excited to be heading into the construction phase of the new Clutha Community Hub — Te Pou o Mata›Au.

‘‘Aspects of the Balclutha War Memorial Hall will still have a significant presence in the new building, paying homage to its original purpose and ensuring previous community efforts are not forgotten; the facility in part moves forward with the community,’’ Mr Anderson said. ‘‘We are looking forward to not only having the Clutha Community Hub — Te Pou o Mata›Au — operational, but seeing what new and innovative ideas are generated locally using this new platform,’’ Mr Anderson said.

‘‘We are also aiming to deliver a number of new opportunities to the district with the partners we have been working with over the last few years.

‘‘This isn’t just about a new building. It’s about supporting the great work already being done by a number in the community and amplifying like investment across the district,’’ he said.